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I write plays, musicals and for film and TV too

My production company is FutureSocialTheatre

Current Productions
BLACK LEATHER ROSE is a sixties musical based in California circa 1963-67
It's a coming of age story about two rival girl bands each trying to develop their sound and compete in the changing scenes of the sixties. As much as anything its a musical journey from the surf sound remnants of the fifties through the soul influences, the British Invasion sounds, folk music, beatnik jazz and what becomes the garage and San Francisco psychedelic scene. Essentially it reflects the story of The Beach Boys, The Byrds, The Doors, The Monkeys and Jefferson Airplane. All this is set against a backdrop of social change around the Berkeley campus Free Speech Movement and what became known as the 60's Counter Culture and all that turned out to be the right side of history. It's a wild go-go dancing spectacular but it has its darker and dramatic moments. Due on at London's Leicester Square Theatre (date tba)
Past Productions
Post productions includes the heavyweight political play - An Interview With Gaddafi which had a four week run at The Waterloo East Theatre
We had an excellent cast, Johnathan Handler on lead and multiple parts by Christianne Oliveira, Wally Hamonde and Andrew Lawden who all really took the audience on an emotional journey. This was what first inspired me to throw myself into writing for theatre.
Ready for Production.......
The Goldmine - A Disco Musical
Is set in a discotheque in Essex circa 1978. Its soundtrack has to be the greatest 70s disco album out there. The plot is based on Shakespear's A Mid-summer Night's Dream only set in a Boogie Wonderland
These Arms Of Mine - The Otis Redding Story
The moving story of how Otis Redding rose to fame and fortune in a time of hostile segregation in the Deep South. The soundtrack includes his greatest hits as well as all those artists that surrounded him including the Stax Soul label artists such as Booker T, Sam & Dave, Arthur Conley as well as Solomon Burke, King Curtis, Sam Cooke and Little Richard. 


The Funk Soul Hip Hopera
A modern MoBo styled opera appreciating the works of poet Maya Angelou set in a literary evening class in the Chicago in the 80s against a backdrop of civil unrest emanating out of the local KKK rallies and subsequent rioting
PARTY ANIMAL - A House Music Musical
About the life and thrills of the New York Club Kid club promoter Micheal Ali and the horrific consequences of his demise down the 'K' hole.


I currently have two film scripts, one a British style Tales Of The Unexpected style horror called A Gentlemen's Dresser and the second, a US swamp based horror with a unique new horror persona who, deeply effected by Americas history of violence, comes back to cause havoc - A Dismal Legacy.

I am also working on a US based mini-series called simply 'jDialo' about a highly capable undercover Interpol agent that works somewhat unconventionally off the radar but always achieves justice, one way or the other.
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