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I have created a whole new political philosophy that I call

Political Humanism

Political Humanism starts with a core philosophical position that is about developing consciousness in every practical sense for what 'maximises well-being for people in society'. Wanting a collective rise in well-being is in itself a moral endeavour. it is focussed on the here and now of human life and so can be referred to as a humanist position and also a post-Utilitarian ideal.

Beyond its core philosophical sentiment, a foundation of love for humanity, this idea is every other sense a practical approach for societal organisation.

A Political Philosophy

It is founded on the study of the human condition and the individual's relationship to the society around them, how this relationship has developed over the course of human history and even looking at ourselves as a pack mammalian specie. As we have collectivised into societies we have manifested consistent ideas and institutions in order to best organise a general increase in human well-being.

I have drawn up 12 distinct parameters for how we may precisely measure Human-Wellbeing, it becomes a formula - HWix12. When you look at politics from the perspective of Political Humanism and specifically HWix12 it becomes very clear just where we need to concentrate our resources, what our arguments and discussions should be there to achieve and how we can best organise ourselves to around our collective societal aims. The political process then becomes more of a collaborative effort that a collision of ideas once we can find agreement with our shared societal aims and also agendas that do not lead to a general rise in well-being have to be exposed and abandoned as inefficiencies and corruptions of the process.
I am running as a candidate for MP representing Bethnal Green & Stepney in the 2024 election in order to bring awareness to this idea
The Political Campaign
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