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I am an all-round creative thinker and producer.

As well as my writing with both fiction and non-fiction I also have experience with, and can describe myself as, a




I have been a musician since my teens, playing live, songwriting and recording with various bands and collaborators over the years.

I currently write and record music for my theatre productions and I still regularly play on the live music scene most often as Reggie Steady. I sing and play Hammond Organ, Harmonicas and Saxophone in London mostly and I host a regular weekly 'live jam' every Sunday at The Marquis of Cornwallis at my pub in Bethnal Green (E2 0AG) 


I'm not an established artist and have not exhibited any work outside my own bars and clubs yet but I dabble. I paint my sets for theatre and paint murals  and art pieces for my bar and club interiors.

My most recent work has been the painting of 12 large pieces of my favourite soul singer of the sixties in preparation for the re-launch of my Soul Cafe brand. 

Interior Designs

Jewellery Designs

Inventions - 
The Thrupny Electric Vehicle & Domestic Symbiotic Living & more 

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