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About me

I have been a musician and a bar & nightclub manager/owner for most of my working life but living within that world I have dreamt of other things. My studies were in both business & economics and in the humanities so that has always informed my thinking and subsequently my creativity.I was raised in Essex to an East London family and have lived mostly in London but also in New York, Rio de Janeiro and the south of Spain. I've seen a lot of things, experienced a lot of scenes. I have learnt a great deal so far and continue to learn as I go. I realise that my life has been anything but conventional. In so many ways this has only fuelled my creativity and my drive to be productive with my ideas.

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My journey into political philosophy

Ten years ago I immersed myself in thinking and writing on how we may collectively go about creating a better world for ourselves and I have gradually brought my conclusions together in books, articles and lectures on my thesis for political philosophy that I call 'Political Humanism'. I want to promote these ideas because I really believe I have developed something useful to humanity as a whole. To draw attention to the ideas is the only reason I am running as an independent MP candidate in the forthcoming general election for the constituency of Bethnal Green & Stepney.  

My journey into Playwriting

I wrote some political plays just to draw some attention to my political writing. One of them was picked up by producers and it had a 4 week run at a London theatre. It had a brilliant cast who really drew out the characters. Sitting in the audience and seeing people laugh and cry, whispering when they discover something about the plot, leaving the theatre discussing what they just saw, was overwhelming for me and it gave me the bug to write bigger and better plays and musicals. I now have many finished pieces ready to showcase. One in particular is in the production process and a few more are being discussed for production next year. I've also pitched a few film ideas so waiting to hear back on them. It's something I love doing so I'm sure I will make it happen. 

As a musician

I've been a musician for some years. I still play live. I host a regular Sunday Evening Jam Session at my pub in Bethnal Green and I go out playing live at other venues under the name Reggie Steadygo. I sing and play a vintage Hammond Organ as well as harmonicas and a bit of sax and guitar.  I have a little studio set up where I spend some hours of the week writing and developing songs and most of that is for musical theatre and generally my own productions. This is something I really enjoy doing and only wish I could do it for more hours of the day. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. 

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