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Outside of my work life I have a healthy range of interests mostly with the writing and communicating of new ideas.
On the creative side I have been a musician since my teens and I still dabble from time to time. Mostly now its to provide music for my plays and musicals which is another creative outlet for me. I am the main playwright for Future Social Theatre.
Most of my writing time though is taken up with writing on the subject of Social Change. I am a political campaigner and blogger and have published a book on Political Philosophy and Macro Economics called Now Utopia. I am currently working on my second book. I also have a number of ebooks which I have written as Chief Policy Advisor to The Humanist Party.


Also related to Social Change is a project I am working on to Program an App to integrate the public into our political process with a view to progressing our democracy. It's an App called MagnaSocia. I would next like to help develop NFP Social Enterprise Organisations called TaxPayer'sCollective to help bring tax payers into the process of choosing what public services they want to help set up and get involved in in order to bring down the costs of local authority services.
And finally, for my own personal development I am currently working to try to improve my public speaking. I am a member of Toastmasters - London Public Speakers. It's where I get to put into spoken words some of the ideas I write about.
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