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This is the latest approach to finding rewarding and suitable work for those who have experienced an extended period of unemployment of six months or more.

It is a scheme that offers a partnership approach for unemployed candidates to acquire the necessary skills and frame of mind that will get them out of their rut and help kick start their lives towards more positive goals. 


The Work-Ready Pathway consists of a series of sequential skills workshops, one-to-one coaching and buddying, online and class centred learning, and other schemes designed especially for the full range of client needs. The units are designed so that the client themselves get to feel empowered and in control of their own advances without the feeling of humiliation or worthlessness that accompanies current welfare to work schemes. The client is never patronised nor threatened with penalties or sanctions. Instead, the client is provided with all they need to feel inspired once more about their futures in the workplace. 


What the programme does is quickly identify where the client is experiencing difficulty in getting themselves into long-term and rewarding work and then puts them straight onto a scheme that will help them rapidly overcome these barriers so that they are able to move on, not just during this job search but helping them acquire the skills that will they can take with them in their working lives for the future. 

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